sâmbătă, 28 iulie 2012

Jessie J Concert in Pictures

As promised, I am back with fresh pictures from Orange Summer Party. It was extremely crowded, it was a challenge to get there and find a parking space, but it was worth it. Jessie J has an extraordinary voice and the show came out great. Enjoy the pictures!

Asa cum am promis, am revenit cu fotografii "fresh" de la Orange Summer Party. A fost extrem de aglomerat, asa ca a fost o adevarata provocare sa ajungem acolo si sa gasim un loc de parcare, insa a meritat fiecare minut. Jessie J are o voce extraordinara si a facut spectacol. Va las cu pozele, sper sa va placa!

Talking to a bug on stage. It was probably a fan.

Her guitarist- doesn't this picture look similar to the Johnnie Walker logo?
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