luni, 18 februarie 2013

Firmoo International Giveaway!

If you liked my post here, now you have a chance to win a pair of your own Firmoo glasses. All you have to do is enter my Firmoo international giveaway.  is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store, offering a variety of shapes, sizes and models, prescription or fashion, which should make it pretty easy for anyone to make their choice. 

Rules of entry for competitors:
1. Leave a comment writing which glasses you'd love to have from the Firmoo site.
2. Follow me via GFC and Facebook.
3. Share on Facebook, re-blog  and/ or tweet this giveaway.

The prizes are: a pair of eyeglasses and (or) 6 designer glasses vouchers
1. If there are 30- competitors:
The winners will win a $30 designer glasses voucher each, shipping not included. We'll send you 6 vouchers in total. The vouchers only can be used on those designer glasses at Each person can use the voucher only once.
2. If there are 30+ competitors:
For the first prize winner (1 person): a pair of fashionable eyeglasses, both prescription & non-prescription are available, shipping not included. Designer glasses and sunglasses are not available to choose.
For the second prize winners: same with the prizes when there are less than 30 competitors participated.
The giveaway is open internationally, but the winners have to be located in the area Firmoo delivery can reach to. Please visit here to see the countries they ship to. The giveaway will be open through and including the 22nd of February 2013. Lots of luck!

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13 comentarii:

  1. I like the new header image to this fine blog of yours. Your hair and face look charming, and so are those glasses. I most adore the blazer to this outfit.

  2. you picked the right shape, love your glasses

  3. glasses you look great! for if we can follow, I follow you now! follow me if you can! xoxo

  4. I would love to win this glasses:
    Gfc: An C
    Fb: Andrea Chitic
    Twitter: @andreachitic
    Thanks for the GA!

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    had written out a long idea and it got removed, why was that?

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    1. I haven't removed anyone, this is the first comment I receive from you. This one went into my spam box. Please identify yourself, to avoid that in the future. Thank you for passing by! :)