miercuri, 6 martie 2013

Reteta frumusetii prin ochii mei

 Frumusetea presupune armonie, echilibru, sarm personal, senzualitate si simtul umorului. Toate acestea si multe altele, lucruri aparent marunte, insa care fac diferenta. Frumusetea tine de o tinuta eleganta, care sa taie respiratia si sa te faca sa stralucesti, de o rochie uitata in sifonier, careia ii dai in suflu nou, de modul in care arata un picior lung, armonios pe tocuri ametitoare de...multi centimetri, de curajul de a purta culori vibrante intr-o multime imbracata in nuante monotone si, nu in ultimul rand, de atitudine, cea care, in cele din urma, intregeste o tinuta si atrage toate privirile.
Frumusetea tine de a iubi si a fi iubit. Nu degeaba se spune ca oamenii care iubesc sunt mai frumosi, ca dragostea ne intregeste si ne da aripi. Poti fi indragostit de viata, iar acest lucru sa-ti dea acea licarire in priviri care sa te faca sa te desprinzi din multime. Poti face un lucru care te pasioneaza, care te motiveaza sa te trezesti cu drag dimineata si sa astepti cu nerabdare o noua zi. Poti citi o carte in care te regasesti, care sa iti aduca un zambet pe chip si un strop de fericire in suflet.
Adevarata frumusete izvoraste din simplitate si naturalete. Sa nu ne lasam , deci, afectati de imaginea frumusetii de duzina, obtinuta pe cale artificiala, care se vinde in media. Frumusetea rezida in imperfectiune, nu cunoaste unitati de masura si se infatiseaza mereu in forme diferite. Mai presus de toate, frumusetea este un dar ce vine din suflet.
 Acest articol vine ca raspuns la provocarea Oriflame de a descrie reteta frumusetii, in viziune proprie. Voi cum v-o imaginati?

Beauty resides in harmony, balance, personal charm, sensuality and sense of humor. All of the above any many others, details that can really make a difference. Beauty resides in an elegant, breathtaking outfit that makes you shine, in an old dress which you reinvent, in the way a pair of long, harmonious legs look on stunning heeels of...well, may centimeters, in the courage of wearing vibrant colours in a crowd where monotonous hues are the norm and, last but not least, in the attitude which completes an outfit and draws attention.
Beauty resides in loving and being loved back. It is said that people are more beautiful when they are in love, that love completes us and gives us wings to fly. You can love life and have that light in your eyes that makes you emerge from the crowd. You can do what you most enjoy, something that motivates you to wake up happily each morning and wait anxiously for a new day. You can read a book in which you find yourself, a book that makes you smile and brings a you little bit of happiness.
True beauty is simple and natural. Let’s not be contaminated by the image of cheap, artificially-created beauty sold by media. Beauty resides in imperfection, it does not know unit measures and always takes different forms. Above all things, beauty is a gift that comes from one’s soul!
This article was written in response to Oriflame's challenge of describing my own beauty recipe. What is your vision of it? 
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