sâmbătă, 14 iunie 2014

Life Lately

         I hope your week-end is going smoothly and that you're catching a well-deserved rest. This is a picturised sum-up of what I've been up to lately:
         Sper ca aveti parte de un week-end linistit, cu multa odihna. Nu am mai facut de mult o postare cu fotografii din ultima perioada, asa ca azi e momentul ei:
Received some amazing flowers
More flowers
Did lots of studying for my second major
Who doesn't love Kinder Surprise?
The perfect movie snack
Went out for an Ice Cream Frappe
Been testing some samples from Aoro.ro
Lovely unexpected gift from Rouge Boutique. Review coming up soon!

Watched one of the best series I've ever seen, Vikings
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10 comentarii:

  1. Ce flori minunate, ai fost o fata tare cuminte se pare! Sa te bucuri de cadou si sa-l folosesti cu drag! Pupicei!

  2. un sfarsit de saptamana minunat!

  3. Sotul meu abia asteapta continuarea de la Vikings. :) Imi place zambetul personajului din prim plan. :D xo

    1. Si eu la fel, insa din pacate premiera e abia in 2015. Personajul se numeste Ragnar si mi se pare ca e "jucat" exemplar". :)

  4. great post!
    i love ice cream frappe!
    seems like you had some relaxing time :)
    xoxo Rose