duminică, 22 ianuarie 2017

Winter Wishlist

The main word to describe the fashion tendencies this winter is audacity. You need genuine boldness in order to carry off the deluge of velvet, dark blue, emerald green and military cuts. So dare to explore the trends that have gained fashion ground!
I selected the items I want to show you today from StyleWe, an online just fashion now shopping platform, providing shoppers with original, high quality and exclusive products from independent designers.
This fall-winter season reinvented the military cuts through velvet jackets, with raised collars, cuffs, front toggle details and gold toned front buttons. Their bold cuts and beautiful details give them a timeless elegance. Below are two A-line shaped pieces that captured my attention.
Also inspired by military cuts and embellished with statement, golden buttons, I selected a bold embroidered cape. Sleeveless outer garments, draping the wearer’s back, arms, chest and fastening at the neck, capes are one other fashion hero this season. From tailored fits to blanket wraps, they also happen to be the ultimate transeasonal cover-up, not just rare vanity items.
I also could not help but notice that horizontal stripes, in black and white are back this season. I’ve seen variations on the subjects everywhere, both online and in stores. I chose a striped romper, both fashionable and warm, below. Find more rompers by browsing the website. 

They also have a blog, where they share information on various topics, such as style, fashion, beauty, and even food ideas, like the best Chocolate Martini recipe ever, in case you are interested.
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