marți, 9 mai 2017

Versatilitatea unei perechi de sneakers

Inspiraţi din moda sport a anilor ’80-’90, sneakersii s-au impus in streetsyle si pe catwalk de cativa ani deja. Usor de asortat atat in tinute smart-casual, cat si mai elegante, pentru un aer contemporan, aceste incaltari confortabile pot fi purtate in diverse combinatii, cata vreme le alaturati o atitudine pe masura. Eu am ales un model Skechers viu colorat, cu un aer vesel si jucaus. Sunt extrem de versatili si ii vad purtati intr-o multime de variante, alaturi de un trench roz pudrat, rochii casual sau camasi multicolore. Ii gasiti aici, alaturi de o multime de modele de pantofi sport de firma, la super preturi.
            Inspired by the sporty fashion from the ‘80s and ‘90s, the sneakers became a big street style and catwalk trend for a few years already. Easily worn in both smart-casual and more elegant outfits, for a contemporary touch, these comfortable shoes are great in different combos, as long as you have a matching attitude. I chose a colorful pair from Skechers, with a joyful, playful appearance. They are extremely versatile and would look great worn with a dusty pink trench, casual dresses of colourful shirts. Find them here, along with other sports shoes from well-known brands, for very good prices.

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