joi, 26 martie 2015

Mizon Placenta and Peptide Ampoule Creams

I told you before about my new products from Jolse. I had read a lot about the beneficial effects of placenta and peptides on skin, so I ordered two face cremes based on these ingredients.
Mizon Placenta Ampoule Cream: This product promises to help skin renewal, protect it from dryness, oxidation, deliver and maintain moisture, whiteninig and repair wrinkles, all in a paraben-free formula. It contains Placenta, meant to help with skin renewal and protection, amino-acids and minerals, which provide nutrients and raspberry extract, to prevent skin acidification. The packaging is clean, simple, almost clinical, in white and blue tones. The texture somewhat reminds me of vanilla frosting, with a clean, fresh, minty-lavender-ish scent.
I shared mine with my mother, applying it twice a day, at night and in the morning. The product is really emollient, keeping your face moisturized throughout the day. I also found myself waking up with brighter skin and, in time, noticed a slight improvement in the appearance of fine lines. It's deeply hydrating, though, so if you have oily or combination skin, you should consider that it's prone to block your pores. The jar contains 50 ml of product.
Ingredients: Placenta 1,500mg, niacin amide, adenosine, beta-glucan, lavender oil, hyaluronic acid, trehalose, arnica extract, sagebrush extract, yarrow extract, rose extract, gentian extract, and Portulaca oleracea L. extract.
Mizon Peptide Ampoule Cream: A cream that improves density of slack skin, creating volume and preventing dehydration. The high concentration of peptides tightens skin, removes wrinkles and rebuilds the damaged skin protection barrier. Adenosine, a certified anti-wrinkle substance, removes small wrinkles, while plant-based extracts soothe skin and protect it from polluting agents.
This cream has the same thick frosting texture as the Placenta-based version. It doesn’t have a particular scent, though. I must confess I only tried it a few times and gave it to my mother for testing, because it’s not exactly suitable for my age and needs. She liked it and noticed some improvement as per fine lines, but no miraculous effect on wrinkles. It immediately gets absorbed by skin, leaving it highly moisturized, feeling full and fresh. The effects of regular use are visible: skin looks rested, fresh and hydrated. It has the same pore blocking effect on oily or combo skin as its predecessor, due to its dense consistency The white-green colored jar contains 50 ml of product.
Ingredients: Copper Tripeptide-1 1,000mg, adenosine, beta-glucan, lavender oil, raspberry, trehalose, cacao tree, orris root, and sweet almond seed extract
Have you tried any Jolse products? I would enjoy reading some recommendations.  
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