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Love Stories with a Twist

Today's post is about three movies I've seen and enjoyed lately, three rather unusual love stories.
Postarea de astazi este despre trei filme vazute recent, toate povesti de dragoste diferite de cele clasice.
Me Before You
Adapted from the best-selling novel by Jo Jo Moyes, Me Before You tells the story of a small town girl forms a strong bond with a recently-paralyzed wealthy man she is taking care of. It benefits from Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke’s alluring chemistry. I would say it is a romantic comedy, sensitive and bittersweet, that is likely to trigger a burst of emotions in you, should you decide to watch it.
Adaptarea romanului omonim semnat Jo Jo Moyers, filmul spune povestea unei fete dintr-un oras de provincie, care formeaza o legatura profunda cu un barbat provenind dintr-o familie instarita, recent paralizat in urma unui accident. Chimia dintre actorii Sam Claflin si Emilia Clarke este evidenta. Filmul este o comedie romantica, sensibila si dulce-amaruie, al carei final declanseaza o explozie de emotii privitorului.
How I live now
Set in the near-future rural UK, the movie tells the story of the poignant love story developing between Daisy and Edmund, as some international tensions develop into actual firefights on the home front. I liked the message of the film: sometimes it takes extraordinary circumstances to realize that we need to set aside our petty concerns and focus on the greater good.
Actiunea se petrece intr-un viitor nu foarte indepartat, intr-o zona rurala a Regatului Unit. Daisy, o tanara americanca, trimisa sa isi petreaca vacanta la rudele ei, descopera dragostea, dar si un scop in viata, pe fundalul razboiului si al luptei pentru supravietuire.
Very good girls
The lifelong friendship of Lily and Gerry, home for their last New York summer, is put to test when they both fall in love with the same handsome street artist. I think this movie is extremely underrated. It is a good story about love and friendship, boosted by Dakota Fanning’s standout performance.
Prietenia dintre Lely si Gerry este testata pentru prima oara la finalul ultimului an de liceu, in ultima vara petrecuta in New York, cand se indragostesc de acelasi artist ambulant. Este o poveste despre dragoste si prietenie, pusa in valoare si de jocul actoricesc deosebit al Dakotei Fanning.
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  1. I really want to see Me Before You. I know how it ends and I think it is a unique twist on the romantic genre.

    1. It's totally worth it, although you may find yourself crying throughout all the second half. :)

  2. I'd like to see "Very good girls", I love Dakota Fanning))
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    1. I will follow you back :) I love Dakota Fanning too, she's very talented!;)

  3. Nu am vazut niciunul din cele 3, dar le-am trecut pe lista „De vazut” :-D Thanks! xoxo