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Bulgaria Day One: Nessebar

RO :
Am profitat de mini-vacanta de 1 mai pentru o escapada la vecinii bulgari, in Nessebar. Hotelul la care ne-am cazat, aflat la 2 pasi (literalmente, dupa cum puteti vedea in fotografii) de mare e o locatie minunata, in care grijile urbane dispar pe nesimtite, iar linistea si relaxarea te impresoara. Construit pe vechile ruine ale asezarii trace Mesambria, orasul cu o istorie de peste 9000 de ani aminteste mai degraba de atmosfera din Grecia decat de statiunile bulgaresti. Nu iti ramane decat sa arunci pe tine cele mai lejere haine (calduroase, pentru ca briza de mai a marii e racoroasa, mai ales in zori si pe inserat) si sa te bucuri de compania perfecta, de mancarea buna si de aerul curat. Ce poate fi mai frumos?
EN :
            We took advantage of the 1st of May mini-vacation and enjoyed a quick get-away in Nessebar, Bulgaria. The hotel in which we checked in is two footsteps away (literally, as you can see in the pictures) from the Sea, a wonderful place in that almost miraculously takes away your urban worries, only to replace them with peace of mind and complete relaxation. Originally a Thracian settlement, known as Menebria, the town with a more than 9000 years history became a Greek colony. That explains the Greek heritage and special atmosphere, different from everything I’ve seen in the other Bulgaria resorts. All you need to do is throw on your most comfortable clothes (also warm, because the Sea breeze is chilly in May, especially in the mornings and evenings) and enjoy the perfect company, delicious food and fresh air. Just perfect, I’m telling you!

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16 comentarii:

  1. Foarte frumoase pozele, se vede ca te-ai simtit bine. :)

  2. Nice pictures! The food looks good.


  3. Ce frumos ca de 1 mai ai ajuns la bulgari. Pozele sunt foarte frumoase, outfitul confortabil iar mancarea pozata pare yumm!

    1. Multumesc! :*A fost la fel de gustoasa precum arata. :)

  4. Nice hair and face. This setting here looks great. Pretty cool outfit.

  5. Foarte frumos outfitul si Nessebar-ul de altfel. Eu am fost in Obzor:*

  6. Observ ca si tu ai petrecut frumos! xo